Sunday, February 29, 2004

I don't like this at all . . .

This link really makes me upset. Basically, it says that MTV is sponsoring Britney Spears' upcoming tour. I don't know what world Viacom and MTV executives live in, but where I'M from we call that a conflict of interest! I've heard about these kinds of situations before, from my education in college. Cmon, how are we supposed to take MTV seriously now? Every time they play a Britney video, or do a Britney interview, or do anything else Britney-related, how are we to know MTV is not doing it for their own financial gain? MTV News will definitely give up impartiality if they even MENTION Britney, since their corporate parent is doing business with the girl. They also did this last summer with the Justin Timberlake and Christina Aguilera tour.

I'm sorry people, but MTV is supposed to cover and promote artists on an EQUAL basis. If they are sponsoring someone's tour, that equality goes bye-bye. If I were one of the other artists who has his or her videos shown on MTV, I would definitely be speaking out and asking my record company to NOT put me on MTV until MTV and Viacom stop trying to become part of the industry instead of giving information about the industry like they are supposed to.

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