Tuesday, March 09, 2004

I bought a couple new CD's today. Pete Yorn "Musicforthemorningafter" and Something Corporate "North". Both are excellent CD's. Pete's an awesome combo of rock 'n' roller and thoughtful troubadour. I'm very impressed with "Musicforthemorningafter," which was Pete's debut album. I'm sure I'll pick up "Day I Forgot" in the future too.

As for Something Corporate, they are one of the more innovate rock bands out there right now (well, if you consider adding piano to be an innovation). The lyrics on "North" alone are reason to purchase it. I already had "North" as a gift from a friend on a burned CD, but I liked it enough to pick up my own copy (for only $9 too!). I'd highly recommend Something Corporate to open-minded music fans. Especially the song "Konstantine" which is just gorgeous.

Want links? www.peteyorn.com and www.somethingcorporate.com

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