Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Mean Girls = Good Movie

I went to see the ever-so-popular movie "Mean Girls" today (it's in the second-run theater here) and it is HILARIOUS!!! It's very funny and offbeat, but also very smart. It definitely has a message for high schoolers as well as college-aged people. But you'll be laughing so hard that you won't think you're being preached to.

I also bought two CDs: "Autobiography" by Ashlee Simpson and "Chariot Stripped" by Gavin DeGraw. Yes, I did just buy Gavin DeGraw a couple weeks ago. But his "new" album, "Stripped," is an all-acoustic remake of his original debut CD. Both versions are included in the new package of the album that JUST came out today. I highly suggest that music lovers check Gavin out.

As for Ashlee, her music normally isn't the kind of thing I'd listen to. However, she was recommended to me by a close friend, so that's why I bought the CD. It's not a bad CD at all, although not excellent. It's pretty good for Ashlee's first effort, though. I'd say she's a combination of Michelle Branch and Pink, with a hint of Christina Aguilera thrown in the mix. But she's not any of them, she's Ashlee and she's doing her thing.

So that's what's up for today (today? ha! It's nearly midnight). Talk to you all later.

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