Monday, September 13, 2004

Songs I Like

The Song: American Idiot
The Artist/Group: Green Day
Why I Like The Song: This is Green Day's newest single off their upcoming album, also titled "American Idiot." I enjoy this song mostly because of its catchiness and the return to good ol' hard rocking pop-punk that (in my opinion) GD grandfathered in the early 1990s. Behind all this punk energy are socially concious/critical lyrics about the "idiots" of America following the media, and other topical statements written by the band.

The lyrics don't really do much for me; I'm a bit sick of everything being political these days. But I do admit it's refreshing for Green Day to sing about something other than smoking pot. With or without the political lyrics, this is still a fun song to listen to: fast, furious, and full of excellent punk guitar playing. One would expect no less from Green Day.

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