Monday, July 31, 2006

Are you ready to mambo? It's Fill In The Blanks Day.

My favorite female musician is ____Triona Ni Dhomhnaill, right now______.
My favorite guitarist is __Jimi Hendrix!__.
My musical guilty pleasure is _Ashlee Simpson (Shhhh! Don't tell anyone)___.
My favorite Beatle is __Paul McCartney___.

Now, let's see how good your musical knowledge is. Fill in THESE blanks.

"Stand By Me" by _Ben E. _ King.
"8_67_-5_30_9" by Tommy _Tutone_.
"The Girl's Got _Rhythm_" by AC/DC.
"What's So Funny 'Bout (Peace, _Love_ and _Understanding_)" by Elvis Costello.
"One _Piece_ At A Time" by Johnny Cash.
"Save A __Horse__, Ride A _Cowboy__" by Big and Rich.


Jeff said...

Favorite Female Musician - Hmmm... Patti Smith maybe
Favorite Guitarist - David Gilmour
Musical Guilty Pleasure - Too many to name, right now I would say Jewel, but I'm a closet Ashley fan too.
Favorite Beatle - Obviously John

Ghost said...

Thanks for letting me know what the 2nd song is and for visiting. Cheers.