Thursday, August 31, 2006

Before I go to bed, I want to post a few pictures I've been taking lately and posting on Flickr.

Yellow Flower Detail

Pink Petals

Stems In Vase

Pink Flower Up Close Again

I hope you've all enjoyed these! I'll be back tomorrow with memes.


Jeff said...

Wow, those are really impressive shots. I know I have the same camera as you but it doens't feel like I get the same quality shots as you. I guess it's just that you know how to utilize the camera and I don't.

Russ said...

Jeff - I took these shots indoors, with macro, no flash, but with some pretty good lighting overhead. I used the Flexizone focusing and spot metering. I had to take many shots, over and over, until I got something I was satisfied with. So my advice is to just keep trying and trying, and keep playing around with different settings to see what works best.