Tuesday, September 19, 2006

If my computer will let me have a wireless connection long enough to publish, here's yesterday's Monday Music Mambo, LP Record Day:

1. Do you own any L.P.s? If so, how many?

I own zero L.P.s.

2. Do you own any rare or special L.P.s? Tell us the story behind how you got them.

See above. I don't think I even own any rare CDs, either.

3. Are there any original-copy L.P.s that you'd absolutely love to have?

Sgt. Pepper's, of course. Led Zeppelin IV. All of Jimi Hendrix's, espeically the U.K. version of Electric Ladyland.

4. What do you think the future holds for the L.P.?

I think they'll continue to be a collector's item, but nothing more. An increasing number of DJs don't spin them anymore - it's all going digital now.

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