Sunday, September 30, 2007

Pond Prompts - 9/30/07

I remember when...

I remember when MTV used to play music.

I remember when swearing on TV was rare. You might hear one 'bleep' per ten minutes, not ten per minute. I don't care if they're 'bleeped' or not, it's still a vulgar thing to do if you do it all the time.

I remember when people weren't paranoid all the time.

I remember when people weren't paranoid about the government all the time.

I remember when we were in Iraq the first time, and people were actually OK with it.

I remember that our first time in Iraq was one fifth as long as how long we've been there the second time.

I remember buying one dollar's worth of penny candy and feeling like I got away with something really sinister. The bounty was split among me and some other kids, though, so I wasn't that greedy.

I remember when the University of Oregon was a university with a football program, not a football program with a university.

I remember when the University of Oregon didn't try to be cool or cutting edge. I guess when you win a lot (or won a lot and then went back to losing a lot every other season), you can focus on such trivial things as the color of your uniform.

I remember the old symbols of the University - the interlocking U and O, Donald Duck crashing through the "O", our colors being Kelly green and yellow. Since when is black an official University of Oregon color?

I remember when reality shows were a new thing, and they showed a lot more reality than they do now. The only difference between reality shows and scripted shows is that the actors don't pay their dues as actors before getting fame.

I remember when we got our first color computer. I was so psyched because I could use the paint program. Now I rarely use it at all.

I remember going to the library to sign up for one of the 15 computers that had internet. They were in a room upstairs, and you were only supposed to use them for an hour. I spent most of my time looking at hockey websites.

I remember when email spam was fairly rare. Yes, really.

I remember when rap-rock was the popular thing with the kids. Take away the rap, and it's basically emo music.

I remember when I didn't know what a blog was, and I thought that every new blog I found was the greatest thing ever. Now, you must impress me if I'm going to read your blog.

I remember when life wasn't complicated, time didn't fly by, and the world didn't seem to depressing and scary. That time was childhood, and I think kids don't know how good they have it.

10 things I would do if I won the lottery

1. Use it to go back to school.
2. Use it to help my sister go to school.
3. Put a big chunk of it in a retirement account for my parents.
4. Put a big chunk of it in a retirement account for myself.
5. Give some of it to fund cancer research.
6. Put a lot of it aside for health care purposes.
7. Give some of it to local autism resources.
8. Get my parents a brand new car.
9. Get a new camera and relevant equipment
10. Spend on music, movies, food, everything I want!

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