Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Changes in the air

I just spent approximately an hour re-doing the 'links' part of my sidebar (my favorite ponds). I deleted a few links, consolidated the categories, and moved the 'cool and funny sites' to a more prominent position. I also renamed that category 'really cool sites' because that's a much more accurate term for it.

A while ago I added a folder to my Personal Bookmarks Toolbar (Firefox browser) where I collect all the sites I like best, in one convenient place. I added many of those links to the 'really cool sites' list for two reasons. First, they deserve to be there. Second...

I'm going to start a new blog feature! I think I'll call it "Website Highlights." A couple times a week, I'll talk a little more about each of those sites and why they're linked.

Enjoy the new links and check out my updated sidebar!

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