Saturday, November 03, 2007


Earlier this morning, when I was writing about the UO football game, I had no idea that, just hours later, I would find myself AT the game. Someone I know had an extra ticket and invited me along, and of course I took his offer!

The game was great! The UO Ducks won 35-23. It was the first time I've been in Autzen Stadium since the big renovation. It gets crowded and loud on game day! There's a tailgating 'city' across the street. People brought their RVs, their dogs, their grills, games, all sorts of things. Then, about a half hour before the game, people start pouring into the stadium. Every available seat is taken - but not usually sat in.

I had a decent view of parts of the field, but otherwise couldn't see much. That's what you get being short! They have a video screen on the scoreboard, so I was able to catch things I missed on that. I also bought a brand new "Livestrong" Oregon logo hat. The proceeds go to cancer research. I bought it because it looks cool, and as a tribute to my mother's boss who was claimed by cancer a couple months ago.

Here are some more ESPN blog links about the UO game: One Two Three

I'm not going to do a Flickr Fun Saturday, but here are a few photos of the one and only Autzen Stadium:


Duck on a Harley

And, of course, something from me:

Autzen Stadium, Home of the Ducks

*update* One more photo, to show you what Oregon really looks like.

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