Saturday, December 29, 2007

Flickr Fun Saturday - 12/29/07

On the FlickrCentral group, people are posting their self-selected best photos of 2007. I can think of no better source for material for this week's Flickr Fun Saturday. Let's see what goodies I can find!

Beautiful Manhattan view.
Urban light.
Sunshine child.
Winter mirror.
Water people.
Beautiful dancer.
Lamp and leaves.
Captain's watch.
Boxes and boxes.
Fall scene.
Smiling and spinning.
Red and gold leaves.
Standing in the field.
Dark rose.
A truly amazing photo.

1 comment:

oCfuu said...

Hey there, thanks for picking one of my photos to be included on your list! "Boxes and boxes" is truly one of my favorite pictures ever. I never thought it'd come out this great before I took it. But I guess you have to get lucky sometimes.
I just now saw your comment and this post in your blog, so I thought I'd show my gratitude over here!