Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Deck the halls in black and white

I'm starting another photography project this week.

Anytime anyone takes pictures of Christmas decorations and such, the photos are always in color. Makes sense, right? The bright reds and greens and silvers, the shining lights - all of these things should be in brilliant, vibrant color, correct?

What if they weren't? What if someone took Christmas photos in black and white?

This year, I am that someone. Oh, don't you worry, I'm taking color Christmas photos too. I do want to see what happens to Christmas when you take the color out. Will the bright displays of joy come through in shades of gray? Will this experiment change the way you or I look at the visual side of Christmas? Stay tuned to find out! I'll continue taking pictures through the holiday season and post them to Flickr in a set. I'll post some of the more interesting results right here on this blog.

That will have to wait, however. My batteries were low, so I'm recharging them. When that's done, I'll continue my project.

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