Friday, January 30, 2009

Friday 5 - 1/30/09


1. In American football, a fumble occurs when the player carrying the ball drops it, often resulting in a great advantage for the other team. What have you recently fumbled in your own life?

I tried cooking chicken tonight, but didn't quite get the thigh done right. It's quite different from a breast, I have learned.

2. In American football, you have thrown an interception when someone from the other team catches the ball you meant for your teammate. Who’s often an interceptor of something you intend for someone else?

Sometimes when using the laser pointer to play with my cat, our dog will think I want to play with her instead.

3. One of the severest penalties in American football is for unsportsmanlike conduct, when a player doesn’t play according to the spirit of fair play. In what situations are you most likely to be a perpetrator of unsportsmanlike conduct?

In situations involving social cues that I misinterpret or just completely miss.

4. In American football, the concept of running low-risk plays that consistently gain a few yards at a time is called “moving the chains,” while the concept of going after huge gains with higher-risk plays is called the “vertical game.” In your personal life, are you more of a moving-the-chains player or a vertical-game player?

I definitely prefer to move the chains!

5. Sometimes in American football, the quarterback will, at the last moment, change his or her mind about the intended play, either to prevent what is likely to be a failure or to take advantage of a vulnerability in the other team. The method used in this play-change is often “calling an audible.” In what way have you recently called an audible in your life?

Lately, when I'm crossing the street, I will go back to the curb if I don't trust what the vehicles are doing. Drivers, don't pull into the crosswalk! I have little space to move as it is.

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