Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sunday Scribblings - 1/11/09


Where I live, people actually know what this word means. Eugene has its share of vegetarian, natural, organic, etc. restaurants and groceries.

What are my own views on organic foods? Well, my view is: why not? I think it would be a no-brainer to buy organic, if only the prices were comparable to non-organic foods. Even if you don't care about the ethics, or the taste, you would at least know that the food you buy is more natural. I think that natural can be a good thing. Why complicate matters? Why not let things happen they way they're supposed to happen? Why not grow food the way it's meant to be grown?

I have no clue if my family buys organic or not. I think it would be interesting to buy non-organic along with organic and compare how each food tastes and how long it lasts. For me, the taste would be the deciding factor.

To paraphrase Andrew Zimmern - if it tastes good, eat it!

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floreta said...

eugene has a large proportion of hippies and vegeterians.

toshi's ramen is organic.. handmade noodles. best stuff ever.