Sunday, January 04, 2009

Sunday Scribblings - 1/4/09

For richer or poorer

I think America could do with less of the former. I'm not saying everyone should be poor, but I do think some moderation is in order.

Our country, and most of the world, is going through very tough economic times. If any good comes out of it, I hope the result is that people will appreciate what they have instead of taking the drive for bigger, better and more to ridiculous levels. Does anyone really need to buy a new TV every holiday season? Does anyone need to buy a brand new car every other year? Does anyone really need a house with more rooms than they will ever possibly use?

It's OK to have a TV, a car, and a house, but it's necessary to realize that ownership of those things makes one a very lucky person. Some people don't have any of the above and would be extremely grateful to have such things. Those who aren't so lucky would be very appreciative of that 30" TV that you want to replace with a 40" model. They would be happy to have a car that runs and gets them where they need to go. They would most certainly like to have any house at all instead of a hotel room or apartment with leaky roof and no heat.

I realize that consumer spending is what drives our economy, but the greed that drove Wall Street to its limits is the same greed that leads people to covet that larger house, bigger TV and more expensive cell phone. Let's get back to reality and appreciate what we already have instead of fretting about what we don't have.


Mal's Team Gherkin said...

We *do* take our affluent instant consumerist society so much for granted! We want water... turn on a tap.

I think all city people [or anyone who takes the realities of life to flippantly] should go live on a real working farm for a month - draw their own water, that kinda thing.

Then people would really begin to appreiate how GOOD we've got it here.

It's very fragile tho... do we realise how stuffed western society would be if we lost use of electricity? i mean... people would starve in big cities!

Yeah... the worst case I heard about someone just taking advantage to 'trying to keep-up with the Jonses" was a lady standing in a job-queue who said, "I need this 2nd job to pay for our second caravan..."


Sell the caravan. Get a tent and go sit on a beach and enjoy the fresh air instead.

Much less expensive and much more soul-satisfying that way, huh?

Oooh... i'm just rambling happily away now. Thanks again.

Mal :)

gel said...

wise words, indeed

Anonymous said...

the only thing i disagree with is the begining, most of the world?!!!?
not really, most of the world live poor (in money terms), mainly if compare to the west chiefly lead by the US A. this is the crazy of it all. we, make our bigger, newer, faster, by abusing others, working less and less with our bodeys, finished distroying our own lands we go own exploting other place.
selling armour and our chymical rubbish to 3rd world countires for the benefit of diktatores and ourselves. buying cheap from hard work of other who have no choice, and the last and worth, trying to change them into what we think is better while there is no way (and not enough resources) that will happen, taking away coltures with out a blink.

sorry if this was out and way too mcuh. your post somehow move something inside me. feel free to delet it, not taken