Friday, February 27, 2009

She's not like the rest, she ain't like most

I bought a new CD today. It's a good one.

I first learned about Leona Naess a few years ago when I saw her perform on a TV show. I listened to her albums on her website and bought the fabulous I Tried To Rock You But You Only Roll. After that, I kind of forgot about her.

She's back after all these years with a new album called Thirteens, so named because she allegedly wrote thirteen albums' worth of material during her break from recording. I listened to some of the songs on Myspace Music, and I loved them enough to purchase the album.

It's a really great album if you like low-key, folky, late-night sounds. The melodies are just gorgeous, and her voice is as good as ever. Particularly great are the songs "Ghosts In The Attic," "Unnamed," The Lipstick Song," "When Sharks Attack" and my favorite, "Shiny On The Inside."

There's nothing edgy or aggressive in Leona's music, and I'm fine with that. It's beautiful stuff, and Leona is full of talent. Her voice is completely soothing. From what I've heard, this might be her best album yet. My one complaint - it isn't long enough! She could have added a couple songs to it and made a fantastic album even better.

If you'd like to buy Thirteens, go to this link.

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