Sunday, February 08, 2009

Sunday Scribblings - 2/8/09


What would I do without art? It's one of the more important things in my life. Just like I need food to sustain my body, I need art to sustain that part of me that cries out for something real. Call it a soul, if you like. I feel alive when I'm either creating, or consuming what someone else has created. Creating or consuming art makes me feel like I'm improving myself and doing something noble. It's like exercise for my mind. Unfortunately, I don't have the same enthusiasm for the rest of me, but I suppose everyone has different priorities.

What art do I like the best? Of course, music is a big part of my life. Not all of it is truly "artistic," but music in general is good for you. I bet even our neanderthal ancestors hummed a tune now and then.

When it comes to visual arts, I'm most interested in photography. My true creativity lies there, because I don't just look at photos, but I also create them. I would like to learn to appreciate other visual arts such as drawing and painting.

I also enjoy reading and literature. I'm a big fan of the written word wherever it appears. I read everything - fiction and nonfiction, magazines, newspapers. I've tried hard to appreciate poetry, and I hope someday it will finally click for me. In the meantime, I keep trying because I believe in it. I've even written some poetry myself, but I don't really consider myself a poet.

I try to surround myself with art on a daily basis. I don't always succeed, but every new day brings a goal - to consume as much art as I can. Being human means appreciating the beauty that life, and ourselves, have to offer. Engaging with art, in any form, is time well spent.

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Sweet Talking Guy.. said...

Yeah, well said, where would we be without art?