Wednesday, March 04, 2009

A Beatley Day

Quite unexpectedly, I have two more CDs just a week after buying a new one.

I was in one of the local record stores dropping off a résumé, and had some time to kill. I browsed the cheap CD section and found a couple gems: Past Masters Volume Two by The Beatles and Lennon Legend by John Lennon. I've been meaning to get both of them eventually, and this was the perfect opportunity. The two of them together only cost me $5!

They aren't too scratched up, but Past Masters definitely has a couple tracks with flaws. I cleaned it a bit, and I think I can live with its condition.

I already have many of the songs on Past Masters, but the few I don't have are essential: Rain, Revolution, The Inner Light, etc. Lennon Legend is my first purchase of solo John Lennon, and could possibly be my last because it's fairly complete. It has nearly every John Lennon song you've heard of (and heard on the radio). As an album, it's not the greatest in the world, but Lennon's songs really aren't all bad. They're not nearly as good as what he did with The Beatles, but they're worthy all the same.

I don't know if I'll get any other CDs this month. If I do, they or it will likely be used. I have yet to decide exactly what I'll get for my birthday, but I do have some good ideas.

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