Saturday, March 07, 2009

The genius was too much of a genius

I'm wondering if I'll ever be able to obtain a greatest hits for Ray Charles that includes all of the songs I'd like to have. There are many collections out there, but few have everything essential. Rhino Records put out a good 2-disc collection, and I should have bought it while I could. It's now discontinued and selling for over $60 on Amazon. The Ray soundtrack comes close, but it includes live versions. I want the studio tracks.

I may have to get two collections instead of one. Ray put out a huge amount of music during his life. It seems impossible to get a handle on it all. I don't know why the record companies can't put out a greatest hits with all of the true hits. Wait, I do know - they want you to buy more than one album!

*UPDATE* I found this. It's expensive, but if it's still available when I have more cash, it might make a good investment.

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