Thursday, March 26, 2009

Step it up, Myspace

I really wish Myspace hadn't redesigned their Myspace Music service.

The old way:

1. Search for a song
2. Click play button
3. Popup player loads
4. Song starts playing

Estimated time between searching and playing: 20 seconds - 2 minutes (depending on how quickly you found the song).

The new way:

1. Search for song
2. Click play button
3. Wait until something happens
4. Realize nothing is happening
5. Wonder if or when something will happen
6. Click on album name and be taken to album page
7. Wait a long time until album player is ready to use
8. Click on desired song a few times
9. Finally listen to song

Estimated time between searching and playing: 5 minutes (depending on how much patience you have for waiting for nothing to happen).

You had a really good thing, Myspace! Why does it now take me so long just to listen to one song? That's not progress. Please make this service usable.

1 comment:

Mal's Team Gherkin said...

I opted-out of MySpace over a year ago. Terrible design and user-UNfriendly place, i found.

doesn't surprise me that they bugger things up when they try to 'improve' it!

Same thing has happened at f\Facebook, which I'm trying to avoid like the plague these days as well.