Friday, April 17, 2009

Friday 5 - 4/17/09

Time for 5:

1. When did you last sleep in a tent?

The last time I can think of was 2007. It was a canvas tent hung over a wood platform, and I forgot to bring a pad to sleep on. My back wasn't happy those two nights!

2. What comes to mind when you think about relieving yourself in the great outdoors?


3. Where’s the best place you ever went camping?

My childhood heart will always belong to Crane Prairie in Oregon.

4. What’s your favorite camp food?

You can't beat a hot dog cooked over an open fire.

5. What’s your sleeping bag like?

I don't actually own one - I just use whatever sleeping bag is available when I'm on an outing with my family. No matter what the bag is, it better be warm!

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