Sunday, April 05, 2009

Sunday Scribblings - 4/5/09


April 23 is my birthday, so I get to celebrate something this month! What will I do? My family will probably all go to Hole In The Wall BBQ so I can get my favorite pork ribs. I don't know if a cake will be involved, but maybe we'll get some ice cream. I will also listen to my new music. I have a couple CDs already waiting for the time to come, and I'm going to get a couple more later in the month.

My favorite birthday celebration? My 14th, when my buddies and I went to a hockey game and got some free pucks.


Understanding Alice said...

cool... but now im hungry :)

A Girl Named Me said...

Happy Birthday!

I hope it's as good as your 14th!


floreta said...

happy birthday. mine is the 29th. i know a lot of april birthdays..