Thursday, April 16, 2009

Website Highlights - Digital Photography School

If you do digital photography, you need to read Digital Photography School. What started as a simple blog with tips for digital photographers has evolved into a one-stop site with articles, reviews, news, contests and forums.

Personally, I read the site for the articles. Some of them don't apply to me, but others have some good tips and ideas to try. Some are more instructional, others get you thinking creatively.

One thing to keep in mind about this site is that it is aimed toward owners of DSLR cameras. Photographers like me who don't have one and use a point-and-shoot might not find information about lenses, filters and other specialized equipment very helpful. However, there are enough tips for photographers of any type of camera to make the site useful for all.

Articles are posted most every day (and of course you can access them through a feed reader), so there are a large number of items to explore in the archives. This site is one that any photographer, amateur or pro, should bookmark and use.

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