Friday, June 12, 2009

Meeting Stanley

Game Seven of the Stanley Cup Finals (National Hockey League) was held tonight. My team, the Detroit Redwings, lost 2-1 to the young, talented Pittsburgh Penguins. Of course, I'm sad that the Redwings lost, but at the same time I'm happy for the Penguins. They truly earned this Cup (although I think they should have to explain what happened in game five). Their goalie put on one hell of a performance against some world-class players.

As a hockey fan, I'm satisfied with the result of this year's playoffs. The Penguins have some of the best young talent in the league, and winning a cup makes them legitimate superstars. It takes pressure of them to prove their talents, and it should give the NHL a big publicity boost. Now the league can show off pictures of golden boy Sidney Crosby hoisting the Stanley Cup. They have to be happy about that.

I think it's cool that the Wings and Pens met a second year in the finals. They really are two of the best teams in the NHL. Matchups like this can only be good for hockey. This all reminds me of the Edmonton Oilers in the 1980s. Like the Penguins today, the Oilers had a lot of good young players who were hungry to prove themselves and win the ultimate prize. They went up against the best team in the league in the finals one year, lost, learned what to do, and came back the next year to earn the Cup themselves. Time will tell whether this version of the Penguins can win more championships. Time will also tell whether the team can stay together at all. Sooner or later, all these young guns will become too expensive to keep. Someone's gonna have to go. I don't think it will be Crosby - he's untouchable (for now). I think Malkin will be the player who the Penguins just cannot afford. That's why I'm glad Pittsburgh won the Cup - they were in a race against time and salaries.

My Redwings may not have repeated as Stanley Cup champs, but the rest of the NHL should watch their backs. Detroit will have a new hunger for a Cup come playoff time next season.

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