Monday, June 29, 2009

Random Ten - 6/29/09

Here's the Random Ten:

10 songs that sum up your weekend...or were on your weekend playlist...and one picture that relates back. (oh, and if you feel like it, tell us why you picked the songs you did)

1) Afro Celt Sound System - Whirly 3
2) Afro Celt Sound System - My Secret Bliss
3) Natalie Imbruglia - Left Of The Middle
4) Jeff Buckley - Dream Brother
5) Pat Kilbride - Anne's Favorite/Kitty's Wedding
6) Dave Matthews - So Damn Lucky
7) Touchstone - Invisible Wings/Faoilean
8) The Clash - The Right Profile
9) Joseph Arthur - Tattoo

SONG OF THE WEEK: "Billie Jean" by Michael Jackson. This is Michael's best song, I think.

I have a photo for you this week! Here's the new bus station at the mall in the town next to us:

Gateway Station 6

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