Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sunday Scribblings - 6/14/09


I've always enjoyed absurd humor. First, of course, is Monty Python. Is there anything funnier than King Arthur arguing with someone about whether a swallow could carry a coconut? I also enjoy the movie This Is Spinal Tap. The situations are ridiculous, but so is the dialogue. I really enjoy that subtle, dialogue-driven humor. The best and most absurd part of that movie, of course, is the Stonehenge sequence:

Perhaps the most absurd thing I've ever watched is the old sketch comedy show Kids In The Hall. Unlike much of Saturday Night Live, the sketches on this show were pre-taped. There was no host, no musical acts - just comedy bits.

Here's a taste of Kids In The Hall absurdity:


linda may said...

My son has a similar sense of humour. Absurd/warped.

Wendy said...

I love it that, in the Kids in the Hall sketch, the whole decision on whether to keep the demon depends upon making himself as cool with the ladies as Jack Nicholson...haha.