Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tuesday Tunes - 6/23/09

Tunes on a Tuesday:

Do you have more music digitally or on Compact Disc and why?

I have more digital music because I've digitized all my CDs, plus I have songs I've downloaded over the years.

What makes you decide to buy one form of media over another?

I prefer to buy CDs because I like the whole ritual of it. The anticipation, opening it, looking at the artwork, and then finally putting it in the player and listening to it for the first time. Also, I like to have physical copies of my music. I almost lost my data once, and it could happen again.

Which do you like better Compact Disc, Vinyl, Cassette or Mp3 and why?

I don't know which I prefer. Probably CDs, because they strike a balance between size and sound. MP3s are nice because you can fit thousands of them on one little player. I have very little experience with vinyl, and cassettes are just terrible. Are they even sold in stores anymore?

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