Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Message To The Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame

Dear Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio:

After seeing your list of current candidates to be inducted in this year's class, I have a suggestion for you.

Just stop.

That's right.  Stop inducting people unless they really, truly deserve it.  Stop inducting non-Rock and Roll people into a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame unless you change the name of your organization to the Popular Music Hall of Fame or some similar name.

Each year you induct five artists/bands into the Hall of Fame, and each year the number of non-worthy candidates increases.  Do you really need an induction class every single year?  Why not induct only those artists who truly deserve to be in there.  Pretty soon, your Hall of Fame will become meaningless.  It may already be so.  Are you trying to induct the best artists, or are you trying to induct any and all artists who may be familiar to any segment of the U.S. population?  If there are not five artists who deserve induction, don't induct five of them!

Who deserves to get in this year?  KISS, I think, just for the spectacle they put on over the years.  Rock and roll is all about spectacle, after all.  Genesis, for being artistically creative, at least until the 1980s.  The Stooges, for being one of the earlier and more influential punk bands.  It can't hurt if Anthony Bourdain likes 'em.  Get that guy on your panel.

Everyone else - meh.  ABBA?  Disco group.  LL Cool J?  Definitely in the hip-hop hall of fame, but not here.  Jimmy Cliff?  Reggae Hall of Fame, but not here.  Not until you run out of other people.  Donna Summer?  Are you serious?  She's everything rock and roll is NOT.  Red Hot Chili Peppers?  Not yet.  Time will tell what their influence will be.  I'm leaning toward yes, but give it time.

What's the use of a hall of fame if anyone can get in?  

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Anonymous said...

How about the band RUSH, look up their wiki page. They made Prog. Rock popular.