Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tuesday Tunes - 10/13/09

Your tunes are ready:

Tell us about one album you purchased that you were seriously disappointed in and why? And do you still have that album in your collection?

In 2004/05, I was excited about the new Alison Krauss and Union Station album Lonely Runs Both Ways.  The first single "Restless" was pretty good, and I wanted to buy the album.  I did buy it in January of 2005, but I didn't like it too much and I still don't like it too much several years later.

There are some good songs on the album, but many of them are too boring and safe.  Alison Krauss has a very pretty voice, but it can put you to sleep if it's not matched to good songs.  I thought the band got too far away from bluegrass on Lonely.  Too many of the songs are bland, CMT-ready ballads.  Union Station is a good band, but they're only as exciting as they songs they choose to record and perform.    

What songs do I like on Lonely Runs Both Ways?  "Restless," of course.  "Goodbye Is All We Have" puts Alison's voice to good use.  Maybe it's the melody that counts.  "Rain Please Go Away" is a lot of fun.  "Gravity" is very pretty.  "My Poor Old Heart" has a nice darkness to it.  "Unionhouse Branch" is a great instrumental. 

In all, I think there's only a handful of songs that really turn me off on Lonely Runs Both Ways, but they're enough to really turn me off the album as a whole even if the album doesn't deserve it.  That's kind of sad.

Oh and, yes, I still have it in my collection. 

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