Thursday, December 03, 2009

Fluidr: The best Flickr application ever

Today I discovered something that will greatly change the way I use one of my favorite sites, Flickr.

Its name is Fluidr and it will rock your world.

It's much like FlickRiver in that it displays and endless stream of photos.  It does much more than that, however.  The number of options are massive and mind-boggling.  You can view:

  • Your own photos
  • Another user's photos
  • Your sets
  • Your favorites
  • Another user's sets
  • Another user's favorites
  • A group's photos
  • Photos from Flickr's Explore page
  • A tag
But it doesn't end there!  For each of these options, you can view things in a random order.  I've always wanted a way to randomly view my Flickr favorites.  Now I can!

Another cool feature is the Slideshow view.  Click the space bar, and you can view each photo one by one.  Use keyboard shortcuts to browse around.  You can even favorite or comment on a photo without leaving Fluidr. 

I've tried many Flickr applications, and this is by far one of the best I've seen.  It's a completely different (and easier) way to use Flickr. 

Go to and check it out!

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