Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Tuesday Tunes (One Day Late)

I forgot to do this yesterday!  From Music Memoirs:

The albums that you love the most

BeauSoleil "Alligator Purse
Leona Naess "Thirteens"
Altan "Horse With A Heart"
Natalie MacMaster "A Compliation"
Sly and the Family Stone "Greatest Hits"
Dhol Foundation "Big Drum, Small World"
The Jayhawks "Tomorrow The Green Grass"

Any new artists you discovered

With the exception of Wanda Jackson, none that I really care much about.  I tend to listen to old favorites more than new stuff lately.

Best concert you attended or watched

I think I only attended one, and that was BeauSoleil in October.

The song that best defines 2009 for you

I'm looking at the top hits of the year, and I'm not really seeing anything that fits.  So I guess I'll just say that it's whichever Lady Gaga song was the most popular.

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