Sunday, December 27, 2009

'Twas the season

I had a very good Christmas this year.  As always, I spent it with my family, and pets too. 

On Christmas Eve, as usual, we went to my grandparents' for food and a gift exchange.  It's always a low-key affair that's more about enjoying the holiday together.

That night, for once, I actually slept most of the night.  Not long after I woke up, my brother and his family came over and we did the big present-opening.  They brought their new little pug dog, and she and our dog Chloe had a wonderful time playing together.  We all enjoyed opening our gifts.  There were some surprises, including a big one:  My mom gave me and my siblings the scrapbooks she made for each of us, along with a big tub full of things from our school years and childhoods.  They're ours to keep now, to treasure and protect.

After breakfast and getting ready, we went out to my aunt and uncle's house where the other side of the family was gathering.  Everything was held in the garage, with the wood stove offering warmth to anyone near it.  There was a lot of good food, and finally a lot of room for our huge family and the large number of gifts that pile up under the tree! 

As I said above, I had a wonderful Christmas this year.  But what did I get?  I got things I wanted (a CD, books, stuff for my computer) and things I needed and didn't even think to put on my list (new gloves, a new water bottle) plus the school-related stuff I mentioned above.

Now that Christmas is over, it's only a matter of days until another big one - the Rose Bowl on New Year's Day!

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