Sunday, January 03, 2010

Sunday Scribblings - 1/3/09

New Leaf

A new year is upon us.  Do I turn a new leaf, or do I keep going?

I think the answer is to do both.

Life isn't necessarily all about stops and starts with events and trends fitting into nice little categories such as years, decades or weeks.  What I do believe is the power of the new day.  When you go to sleep and wake up, you have an entirely new day to do whatever your heart desires.  Whatever happened yesterday, you can make each day the best possible day if you just try.  Once you see the potential in each new day, your attitude will change dramatically.

Otherwise, I don't think a new year changes things too much.  The only exception comes when you choose to make things different.  I think that's where resolutions come into play.  Unfortunately, many people have trouble with resolutions and thus have trouble turning over that new leaf.

On the other hand, I think this year is different.  People out there are looking for things to change, and I think a new year just may be the hope they have for that change to come.  I know the year is bringing some changes for me.  Nothing too big, but my life right now is definitely a little different.  I hate to be so cryptic, but I don't like spilling the details of my life online. 

I guess the real answer is this:  Some things change, some things stay the same, and change can only come if you make it so.

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