Sunday, February 07, 2010

Sunday Scribblings - 2/7/10


I'm not really one for leaving messages, especially phone messages.  I prefer to say what I have to say directly to the person who needs to know it so that I know they received the information.  When leaving a message, you have no idea if or when the person will get the message, nor do you know if or when they will call you back.  I guess I don't like the uncertain nature of message-leaving.  Oddly enough, email doesn't bother me, but perhaps that's because email only works one way.  You're leaving a message for the person, but they're doing the same.  However, I'm still bothered by the uncertain nature of it.  You never know if the person received the email until they reply.  Thankfully, replying to emails is easy and almost always expected.

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