Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Tuesday Tunes - 3/2/10


Tell us your favorite music related website, magazine, tv show and why you like them.

WebsiteGrooveshark.  I hope it stays up forever, even though I know it won't.  You can find almost any song on there, and what you can't find on there can be found on Myspace or Youtube.  Viva la streaming!

Magazine:  Uh, none really.  I read two magazines regularly and neither is a music magazine.  Rolling Stone pretty much sucks and the only the interviews are of any real value to me.  Good music blogs I follow include Monitor Mix and Layla's Classic Rock.  I like Monitor Mix because Carrie often posts really interesting thoughts and questions, and Layla features a lot of the kind of stuff I like.

TV Show:  Austin City Limits.  Nothing else comes close.  I don't watch it as much as I should, but you know that each and every week the show will feature someone of quality.  There are no pop arts allowed on ACL. 

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