Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tuesday Tunes - 3/30/10

Tunes on a Tuesday:

There are a lot of movies made about rock bands. What artist/band do you think should be immortalized on the big screen? (Feel free to cast the leading roles if you so choose)

I'd pay good money to see a Smashing Pumpkins movie.  The drama!  The fighting!  The endless female bassists!  Of course, the music would be awesome.

Billy Corgan could be played by Michael Rosenbaum.  It's hard to find actors who look like Billy, but I think Michael is young enough and bald enough.  For D'Arcy, I'm thinking Renee ZellwegerJimmy Chamberlin looks a lot like Clive Owen, I think.  James Iha?  I have no clue!

Which do you like better, movies about music or movies that are musicals and why?

I like movies about music better because I like music, not people singing in situations that don't call for it.  Chicago and the Blues Brothers are exceptions to this. 

Tell us your favorite movie soundtrack and why

Right now, I like the Cold Mountain soundtrack a lot because I'm really interested in that style of music lately.  Also, it has a lot of good stuff on it.  I reviewed it here recently.

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