Saturday, April 03, 2010

Flickr Fun Saturday - 4/3/10

after the rain
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No time for a full post, so you get a single photo.

This is the famous Wrigley Field in Chicago, home of the Cubs baseball team. For that reason alone, I like this photo. But I also like it because the background is out of focus. That gives this photo a vintage feel and makes the famous field seem like the place of dreams. I think it's an interesting choice to put the wet poles in the foreground while obscuring the iconic baseball field in a haze in the background. Most photographers wouldn't think to do that. By blurring the on-field action, the photographer also gave his or her photo a timeless quality. You have no clue if this photo was taken recently or thirty years in the past. I think this photo really speaks to the timelessness of the American Pastime.

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