Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Half pound heaven

I was out and about today, so I decided to go out for lunch.  I ended up going to a place called Cornucopia, which is known for their awesome burgers.  After trying one, I definitely agree!  The thing was huge and I couldn't even finish it all.  Of course, mine had bacon.  I thought it could have used a lot more bacon, though.  Here are some photos:

Creativity with a straw

I like what my server did with the straw wrapper.  That made lunch much more fun.

Cornucopia 1

Here's the inside of the place.  It's a cool little hangout spot.

Cornucopia 4

As I was eating, a train went by the windows!  The building is right next to the tracks. 

Cornucopia burger 2

Here's the burger.  It was a half pound, and filled me right up.

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