Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Tuesday Tunes - 7/6/10


Tell us about your favorite music player: stereo, ipod etc and why you love it so much

Well, I have more than one.  The first is my computer itself.  I have all my CDs ripped to the hard drive, so I can listen to whatever I want whenever I want.  I just search and listen.  I can also listen to internet radio or streaming sites.  The speakers on my system are completely awesome -- they even have a subwoofer!  Winamp is an excellent music player for Windows that I use all the time.  When I'm at home, my computer is my music center.

My other favorite music player hasn't arrived yet.  I just purchased a brand new iPod classic.  I've had a Nano for three years now, and I'm ready for something with a larger capacity.  I love my little Nano, but it can only handle a portion of all the music I own.  I'm tired of having to choose what I put on there.  I want it all on there!  So I bought a new black Classic iPod with 160 gigabytes of storage.  I probably won't ever fill that up!  It's going to be awesome, although I'll have to get used to the bigger size of the player itself.

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