Saturday, November 08, 2003

There's a bit of stuff going on these days. Tonight I'm going to see Matrix Revolutions. The Matrix series is at an end! *cries* Now we'll see who can TOP the Matrix. Who's up for the task, film makers of the world?

Wednesday I'm going to see one of my musical heroes (well, heroine) - Natalie MacMaster, the famous Cape Breton fiddler. I saw her last year and she did an amazing job, so I'm very excited to get to see her yet AGAIN. She really knows how to entertain.

I guess I forgot to tell you all how "The Sound of Music" was. Well, it was good! Lots of good singing and even dancing. It might not have been the best musical/play I've seen, but it was still very good and entertaining. It was also nice to dress up and go somewhere halfway fancy.

Have a good weekend everyone.

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