Monday, April 26, 2004

Well, my birthday went very well. Good dinner, and for presents I got cash and a cool new Sony portable CD player. And today I bought myself a gift: "Siamese Dream" by a group I am growing to love more and more, the Smashing Pumpkins.

I had an interesting time on my way back from getting the CD today. First of all, the bus to go back home was ten minutes late. In the middle of the trip, a couple guys on the bus got into an argument, cursing and yelling at each other. The other passengers told them to cut it out, but when they didn't the bus driver stopped at the nearest stop and kicked them off. The first guy off punched the window on his way out and nearly broke it, I think. I was sitting near the back door, so I was hoping neither of them would let the fighting come my way. Nothing happened, everyone was OK, and we were back on our way to wherever we were going.

Tomorrow, if I remember, I'm going to write a post about something I'm very excited about and for which I cannot wait. Details later.

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