Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Tonight me and my mom went to see the performance group STOMP. For anyone who doesn't know what STOMP is, it's a group of performers who use various objects such as brooms, trashcans, chairs, lighters, and even their own hands and feet, to make awesome musical rhythms. It's really amazing how just eight people can make so much noise with things people use everyday. It goes to show how you can make music with anything (although having seven other buddies and a good choreographer helps!)

It was an awesome show, to say the least. The performers were very in sync, and they all had their own characters that they played. Well, some of the characters got the majority of the attention, anyhow. They use a lot of humor, sort of like silent film in a way. So, in addition to all the stomping and crashing, there were little stories being done. There's also a lot of audience participation in the form of clapping and finger snapping.

I also bought a (VERY expensive) DVD of their HBO special, so now I can watch the STOMPing whenever I wish! This was my third time seeing the group, and they are as good as ever. I had a lot of fun, and I would recommend checking them out when they come to your area.

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