Monday, June 21, 2004

Yesterday I got to go to a new used bookstore in town (set up in a former gas station!) and have a look around. Paperbacks were $.99 each, and there were also a lot of books in boxes for $.10 each. In addition to that, the regular 99 cent books were all half off this weekend, so therefore really only $.50 each! I got 10 books, including stuff by John Grisham, James Patterson, and Anne Rice. It's always good to get books for cheap, because it always seems like I don't have enough new novels to read. I would get a library card, but we live out of the city limits and it's $80 a year or something like that to get a library card for the city library.

That's all that's happening around here. Summer has finally arrived, and it's getting quite hot lately. But not too bad, just enough to keep a person plenty warm. I don't think we really have many plans for this summer. I suppose we'll all just take it easy when we have the time to do so. That's all for now, until I find something else to talk about!

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