Friday, July 23, 2004

Because the points just don't matter

I love the show Whose Line Is It Anyway and I try to watch it whenever I can, which is usually nights on ABC Family Channel from 10-11 PM. I've been a longtime fan of the show, and it doesn't hurt that I sort of resemble the host, Drew Carey!

Here are some of my favorite games on Whose Line:

- Scenes from a hat. I just love the funny stuff that the cast members come up with on the spot for all the weird suggestions. They're usually on the racy side too, which makes it all the funnier to watch.

- Greatest hits. Ryan and Colin are HILARIOUS together! They know so well how to play off each other's suggestions and comments. Colin always says the most RANDOM, odd things and that makes me laugh HARD! Also, Wayne Brady usually does an awesome job of making a song out of the wacky things Ryan and Colin tell him to do. He just needs to stop saying "because" before every first line of a song.

- Weird newscasters. Again, it's great to see all the cast members play off of the suggestions Drew gives them. Wayne always does an awesome job with the sports (especially when it's an impersonation) and Ryan is HILARIOUS doing the weather. Also, the one who doesn't get a suggestion usually figures out something funny to say anyway.

- Party quirks. I always love waiting to see what they're supposed to do, and then wonder how they're gonna do it. It's hilarious watching the "party host" figure out what each one is supposed to be.

- Random thought about the "green screen" newscaster game. Why does it seem that Colin ALWAYS guesses what is behind him? Is he really that good?

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