Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Cool Video, and Midweek Music Meme

First order of business involves a cool music video that I saw this morning while watching VH1. It's the video for the new Velvet Revolver (Guns n Roses with Scott Weiland instead of Axl) single titled "Fall to Pieces." Keep in mind that I have only seen this video once as I try to describe what happens.

The song is a slower rock ballad, sort of like "Sweet Child O' Mine." The video is very touching and, perhaps, very close to reality for Scott and the boys. The video starts out intercutting the band practicing and Scott playing a character who pines for his ex-sweetheart. It shows video footage of the sweetheart, and Scott looking at pictures of her - that sort of thing.

Then we go to a packed bar/nightclub where the band is performing. Again, there is a lot of intercutting between the band performing and Scott's character's story. Scott stumbles around the club, gets in a fight, and presumably does some heavy drugs before he nearly passes out in the grungy bathroom. Someone carries him up and out into the hallway and his ex-sweetie, who has been searching for him in the club, finds him and comforts him as he tries to come down from his troubles.

I found the video to be very touching, real, and an enhancement to the serious lyrics of the song. I can imagine that Scott Weiland himself has been down the path his character travels during the video. Knowing Scott's history and the rest of the band's history makes the images and lyrics all the more realistic and powerful. I'll watch out for the video again, and if my intuition is correct then it might be a good candidate for some awards during the MTV Video Music Awards. It's good, powerful stuff to accompany a great song. Bravo, Velvet Revolver!

Ok, now that I've successfully typed a long, drawn-out essay about a music video I just saw this morning, I'll move on to the Midweek Music Meme:

What is your lifelong theme song, the music and/or lyrics that defines something about who - and how - you are?

I definitely know the answer to this one!! I'm a very short, very shy type of guy, so my theme song would have to be . . . "I Wish" by Skee-Lo!! You know the one. "I wish I was a little bit taller, wish I was a baller." I really identify with the sense of being a tiny guy trying to make it in the world and have the guts to ask a girl on a date. The lyrics to "I Wish" can be found here.

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