Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Random Thought: The format of the weblog gives me an opportunity most reviewers don't have - the chance to go back and change things. A reviewer from a magazine or a newspaper may listen to an album a few times, form some opinions, write his or her article and then see the article published. In that format, their opinions of the album are in place forever, no matter what they might think of the album a few weeks, months, or years later.

I, on the other hand, am allowed to continue listening to the album and to continue having a "listener-album" relationship, so to speak. You see, my opinions on albums and individual songs change quite often. A song I may not have liked when I first listened might become my favorite. I may grow to appreciate songs that I did not care for before. I might discover something new about how a song makes me feel.

So, because my thoughts and opinions can and will change and evolve, my control of my weblog allows me to go back and revise my original thoughts in my reviews if I so wish. Thus, the reviews stay fresh and up-to-date with how I am feeling about the albums. That, my friends, is something magazine journalists cannot do, unless for some reason they convince their editors to let them review the album again.

Thus far, I haven't made any updates to my reviews, but as you can see in the post below, I am going to do so. I have that power, and I intend to use it so that my readers can get an accurate and complete review of what I think of a particular album or song.

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