Friday, September 17, 2004

For Crying Out Loud!!

I'm not too happy with the U.S. Postal Service these days. My friend in Medford, Ore. sent me a package last Wednesday. The package has STILL not arrived at my house (we'll see if it shows up on Saturday though). Medford and Eugene are only three hours or so apart by car. There's really no excuse for a package to take more than a week to arrive at a destination only three hours away.

Another friend in Rhode Island has sent me at LEAST four or five packages in the past three years, and not a SINGLE one of them has made it to me. So these problems have been ongoing. I just don't get how a package can be lost for so long. They have to be SOMEWHERE! I can see a letter being lost, but not a decent-sized box. It just makes no sense to me, and I really wish that employees of essential services such as the post office would do their job a bit more accurately, and take a little more care with things that people send to each other. This isn't an attack on anyone in particular, just a wish that services would be run the way they are supposed to run.

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