Wednesday, September 08, 2004


That's right, folks, I've been blogging for two years now. My blog has changed a lot from the first day I published. I started talking randomly about things that I did during the day, as well as recaps of various U of O sporting events. Then I started blogging a lot about school (because that's what there was to talk about) and then I started doing more memes and tests and things of that nature.

In May (I think) of last year I started my poetry blog. Then, after graduation, I started posting less and less, and what I did post was mostly music-related. That brings us to today, when I'm still writing mostly about music (because that's a huge part of my life) and trying to update every other day if I can. So I suppose I've come full circle in those two years. I can promise you this, as long as I still have internet access, I will probably be blogging. I have NO plans to give this up in the near or even distant future. I may not always have something interesting to say, but I'll try to keep coming up with posts. So hang on for the ride!!

Let's take a look at my first blog post, at 5:51 PM on Sunday, September 8 2002!!

"Welcome to my blog! I'm not sure what will be here, but I'll try to post something every day, or every few days. For now, go check out the cool information at Educk, a cool site about my favorite team, the U of O Ducks!! Oh, and before I forget, a BIG thank you to Raven at Raven's Shadow blog for introducing me to blogs!! Love ya Raven!!"

That was the beginning of it all!!

I'm writing this post at 3:30, but I'm going to publish it as 5:51 so as to make the post officially two years since I started.

Last thing: Thanks a bunch to all my readers!! Whether I know you read or you're anonymous, or even if you're just reading this once, I appreciate you all and thank you for coming to read what I have to say.

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