Wednesday, September 08, 2004

New Stuff

As a sort of birthday gift to my blog, I've made a slight change: My blog posts now have "post pages" (well, the newer posts anyway). What is this? It's a new feature in blogger that allows each post a person makes on their blog to have it's own URL and page. It's just an easier way to organize things, really.

Also, I'm going to participate in a weekly meme (mostly because I just found The Daily Meme website thanks to a blogger article). This one is called "Midweek Music Meme" so here's my first answer! Unless I change my mind. Sometime later, I'll answer the questions that were previously asked on the meme.

What is your favorite song which contains a number somewhere in the title or lyrics?

The songs that comes to mind at the moment is "45" by Elvis Costello. I like it because he's creative with the various meanings of the number - his birth year, a 45" record, his age the year he wrote it - so many meanings to explore!

(This post is being posted at a time after I've written it, so it will show up after the previous post about my blog birthday.)

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