Sunday, September 12, 2004

Sept. 12 Weekly Bit

Today I start a new meme: The Weekly Bit. So here's this week's question/topic, and my response!!

The Bit for the Week of Sept 12 is About Work.
1. What is your dream job?
My dream job is to tour around with the Afro Celts and help them out in whatever way they need my help. Especially promotions and press and getting the word out.

2. What are the best and worst jobs you've ever had?

I've never really had many jobs, I've just been in school until now.

3. How do you feel about dating someone from work? Have you ever?

I can understand how it might be a bad thing, but if the love is there I say go for it.

4. What job would you never want to do?

Anything to do with sewage or garbage. Or anything where you can potentially get seriously hurt or killed.

an extra bit of word association...
I say, you think...

blue: s
sun: hot
reach: grab
witch: friend
love: good
give: me a break
man: big
music: awesome
open: door
computer: frustrating
juice: orange

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